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The purpose of the Aging Initiative is to:

  • develop a statewide plan to build gerontological social work training and education capacity,
  • increase the number of students who select to study and practice gerontological social work,
  • enhance the diversity of the workforce serving older adults in California, and
  • improve client outcomes by creating a work force of well-trained and culturally competent social workers.

Mission and Goals

The overarching mission of the CalSWEC Aging Initiative is the development of a well-trained and culturally diverse workforce to meet the needs of older Californians and their families. 

Curriculum and Training Resources

 A library of comprehensive gerontology and aging curriculum and training resources can be found here.

Careers in Aging

Explore the field of gerontological social work.

Aging Summit Proceedings

Recordings and resources from Aging Summits can be found here.