Curricula & Competencies

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CalSWEC has led a concerted effort to develop competencies, standards, values and curricula to ensure an effective public workforce in the human services.

Together, social work educators and practitioners developed the ground-breaking California Public Child Welfare Competencies—a first for the state’s child welfare students and a national model for collaborative curriculum development. The Aging and Integrated Behavioral Health competencies followed similar courses. These form the foundation for competency-based curriculum at California's schools of social work/social welfare.

For agency staff, CalSWEC works closely with its partners—the California Department of Social Services, counties, the Regional Training Academies/University Consortium for Children and Families, and other stakeholders—to develop and revise statewide curriculum products. These include:


The 2017 CalSWEC Curriculum Competencies for Public Child Welfare, Behavioral Health, and Aging in California reflects a comprehensive revision and reorganization aligned with the Council on Social Work Education’s (CSWE’s) Educational Policy and Accreditation Standards (EPAS). 

Standards and Values for Public Child Welfare Practice in California

The Standards and Values are intended to guide practice, training, and education for child welfare professionals, including social workers, supervisors, and administrators.

Child Welfare Education Curriculum Resources

These have been created and collected to address emerging educational requirements and respond to developments in legislation and child welfare practice.        

In-Service Training Curricula (Child Welfare)

CalSWEC works closely with its In-Service Training Partners and other stakeholders to develop and revise statewide curriculum products, including the California Common Core Curricula,  training resources for Fostering Connections After 18/AB 12 and other Advanced Training and Organizational Development Resources.

Statewide Technology and Learning

The Technology and Learning Committee was formed to promote alternative, technologically based delivery vehicles within California's child welfare training and education system.

Integrated Behavioral Health Program Resources

These resources include curriculum modules and sample syllabi for universities interested in developing, implementing, and enhancing mental/behavioral health course curricula and building supportive environments for learning.  

Other Curricula Tools & Products

CalSWEC and its partners assemble and develop numerous curricula and tools for educators and trainers. These include a wide array of products located at the following: