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Challenges facing both society and the social work profession in the late 1980s precipitated the collaboration of California’s schools of social work, professional organizations, and public agencies that led to the creation of CalSWEC.

Today CalSWEC partners with a wide array of entities and organizations, and continues to be a national leader in university/agency partnerships. The CalSWEC Board of Directors is a partnership among:

Information on all of CalSWEC's partners can be found below.

Schools of Social Work/Social Welfare

Twenty-two (22) schools of social work/social welfare comprise CalSWEC's consortium. Each school has a child welfare project coordinator who implements policies and procedures related to CalSWEC's programs. Curently, nineteen (19) schools participate in the Integrated Behvioral Health Program.

Practice Partners

CalSWEC's practice partners provide a vital link to the social work workforce needs in the field, ensuring a connection between workforce education and training and the practice that produces positive outcomes for those served by the public sector. These practice partners include state and local agencies and organizations. 

Funding Partners

CalSWEC's activities are funded through direct grants and partnership agreements, as well as in-kind contributions and matching funds. CalSWEC's success as a partnership is demonstrated by the wide array of organizations and agencies that have provided funding.

Strategic Alliance

On September 30, 2011, the California Social Work Education Center (CalSWEC) and the Child and Family Policy Institute of California (CFPIC) signed a Strategic Alliance Agreement to formalize a coordinated approach to the statewide improvements in public Human Services.

In-Service Training Partners

The coordinating partners of the Child Welfare In-Service Training Program, formerly the Regional Training Academy Coordination Project, provide a continuum of training and professional education to county staff across the state.

Research & Training Network (RTN)

The Research and Training Network (RTN) is a collaborative network of California university and Human Services agency representatives who have come together to promote vibrant agency/university partnerships for the purpose of establishing a comprehensive strategy for practice-oriented research in the areas of child welfare, self-sufficiency, and adult services. The network operates under the auspices of the Research & Development Committee of CalSWEC's Board of Directors.