Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Program

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The Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Program provides professional education and student support through its Title IV-E Stipend Program to graduate and undergraduate social work students preparing for the field of public child welfare. The program also supports the development of Curriculum Competencies for Public Child Welfare and Child Welfare Education Curriculum Resources.

The Title IV-E Child Welfare Program collaborates with the schools of social work on a number of projects to enhance the program. Currently these projects are:

The program also supports evaluation and research efforts to enhance the delivery of the competencies and the retention of public child welfare workers.


To prepare their child welfare students for work in the field, the graduate schools of social work in collaboration with public child welfare agency representatives and other stakeholders created the CalSWEC Curriculum Competencies for Public Child Welfare. These competencies, revised periodically to reflect current practice, serve as a model for collaborative curriculum development across the nation.

Curriculum Resources

To meet changes in curriculum and educational requirements, the Title IV-E Stipend Program strives both to gather and to support the creation of curriculum resources. A need for materials on specific topics may be identified by several constituencies: university staff and faculty, social work students and graduates, county child welfare partners, and the CalSWEC Board of Directors.

In addition, CalSWEC provides curriculum resources in response to developments in legislation and child welfare practice. Resources extend over several media types, including sound and video recordings.

These resources are organized by topic and are available on the Child Welfare Education Curriculum Resources page and at the California Child Welfare Resource Library at CSU, Long Beach.

For more information:

CalSWEC Title IV-E Summit

The Title IV-E Summit combines the Title IV-E Student Day and the Title IV-E Field Institute, which prior to 2017 each convened separately.

News about IV-E Stipend Schools

Here you'll find news about the schools of social work in CalSWEC's consortium.

Title IV-E Stipend Program

The Title IV-E Stipend Program is the nation's largest consortium of social work schools and public service agencies providing support for (a) the delivery of a specialized public child welfare curriculum and (b) students committed to service in public child welfare.

SERVE: Indigenous Community Social Workers for Change

SERVE: Indigenous Community Social Workers for Change supports the Title IV-E schools of social work with its goal of increasing the capacity of Native American child welfare social workers throughout the state and filling a critical gap in the workforce.

Field Instruction Initiative

CalSWEC created the Field Instruction Initiative (FII) to support the development of high-quality field instruction and supervision for social work students in the Title IV-E Child Welfare Training Program.