Title IV-E Stipend Program

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The Title IV-E Stipend Program is the nation's largest consortium of schools of social work and public service agencies providing support for the delivery of a specialized public child welfare curriculum and support for students committed to service in in public child welfare.

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Through the master contract it holds with the California Department of Social Services, CalSWEC provides program structure, guidance, support, and fiscal oversight to subcontracting schools of social work. It works closely with the schools' Deans and Directors and the Project Coordinators at each site.  

Stipends are provided for the MSW Program, BASW Program, and Pathway Program.

MSW Program

The financial support for graduate social work students, available at 22 schools of social work in California, is in the amount of $37,000 ($18,500 for each of two years) for students who plan to practice in public child welfare services. Upon graduation, the students work in county child welfare services for a period of time equal to the period for which they received support.

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BASW Program 

The Title IV-E Stipend Program leading to a BASW in public child welfare provides a total of $15,000 of educational support in the final year of study and is available at California State University campuses at Chico, Fresno, Humboldt, Long Beach, San Bernardino, and San Diego. Graduates of the BASW program are expected to complete one year of service in a county child welfare agency for one year of support received.

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Pathway Program (Distance Education)

The Title IV-E Stipend Program also offers the Pathway Program, a part-time-only distributed learning program that provides support for students at the BA and MSW levels who live in rural and remote regions of California and who are employees of county agencies.

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